There is much positive progress being made today toward solving environmental and sustainability problems.  But that progress gets lost in a flood of negative, superficial, and frivolous information.

GOOD NEWS FOR NATURE‘s mission is to search out and write about green success stories. We want to inspire you to do what you can, personally and politically, toward healing our environment and restoring the abundance of nature.

Be warned.  To achieve those goals, we’re not above employing currently questionable persuasive tactics such as fact-based reason and logic, as well as tried and true techniques like sort-of-fact-based humor.  We may also ask you to think.

noh maskDr. Noh Mann-Greenbaum was born in Hong Kong of multi-national parentage. Professor Mann-Greenbaum is the author of such acclaimed scholarly works as Spirit In Disguise: masks as metaphora as well as Gender Guise / Removing Prejudice: What if they don’t know what you are? Mann-Greenbaum is an honorary governor of U.H.I.D. and is privileged to count the legendary Joelle Van Dyne as both a colleague and close friend. As Dr. Noh, Mann-Greenbaum also hosts the wildly popular series Reading Between the Lines: cross-cultural sustainability for multi-nationals.

7surfD. Archangeli grew up in Pittsburgh during its urban and clean air renaissance. Now he lives in Hong Kong and hopes a similar rebirth will solve the tensions between Hong Kong’s establishment and supporters of sustainable election and environmental reforms. Dante has faith in the power of community, communications, and creativity. Although he was educated as an engineer and as a real estate developer and likes to build things, he thinks he looks forward to a time when there is less man-made stuff. He unequivocally hopes for the time when we restore our world to full health.

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