Renewables met 78% of German electricity demand

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 5.28.04 PMGermany apparently set a new national record by meeting 78% of one hour of daytime electricity demand with renewable sources. If preliminary figures are confirmed, the new record was set on July 25, 2015

On that day energy production data indicates that Germany produced much more wind power than normal thanks to storms in the north. The wind power was used to reduce the amount of coal and natural gas that the nation normally uses on a typical day to generate electricity.

Germany’s expansion of renewables, accompanied by a relatively mild winter, resulted in the country’s 2014 greenhouse gas emissions falling by 4.3% from 2013 levels. Germany’s greenhouse gas production is now at its lowest level since 1990. Renewable sources accounted for almost 28% of Germany’s 2014 power needs in 2014. By contrast, the U.S. currently generates only about 13% of its electricity from renewables.

(In addition to the data link above, information for this post comes from Think Progress (whose article misstates the period over which the 78% occurs) and Energy Transition.)


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