Walking the Walk

Ben Blonder, the author of Natural Curiosities is a sustainability hero. He really is – one of fourteen Next Generation of Environmental Conservationists Champions of Change named by President Obama.

And he “walks the walk”. Good science researchers work hard! I feel hopeful about the future of the planet when I think of Ben and the work that he, and other committed environmentalists, are doing.

We’re reprinting Ben’s post about his 2,100′ climb to work every day, rain or shine, hot or cold.

Natural curiosities

My commute to work this summer takes three hours each day. Most people have shorter journeys, but I don’t spend mine driving a car, riding a bus, or sitting in traffic.


I walk. A mile and a half of road, then two and a half miles of mountain, climbing from 9500′ to 11600′.

This is the route. Home is in the valley on the left.


And here is my office. There are no walls, no chairs, no windows – but neither are there
cubicles or computer screens. There is no dress code and there are no time-sheets. I get my exercise along the way.


My commute, beautiful as it looks, is not always perfect. It is a steep and sweaty journey, and all of my equipment must be carried up each day on my back. Some days I am tired, and some days I am sick, but the route does…

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